What started as Constantinople is now Istanbul. 

Welcoming over 35 million visitors every year, this friendly, beautiful and culturally rich country has become one of the world’s top ten holiday and business destination. 

Turkey. The name itself raises visions of mystery, intrigue & oriental glory by meeting the worlds three greatest civilizations: Roman, Byzantine & the Ottoman. Modern enough to be comfortable, yet traditional enough to remain interesting. 

Turkey's history of human habitation goes back twenty-five thousand years with a great number of civilizations that rose and fell here through thousands of years, leaving behind a multitude of historical sites. But Turkey doesn’t just consist of history; this Republic offers you a large variety of scene from seas, huge mountain ranges, high plateaus, nearly 8400 kilometers of coastline, and fertile natural river valleys. 

It is a country that occupies one of the most unique geographical position acting as both a bridge and barrier between two continents, a crossroad of Asia & partially Europe, also, bathed by four seas: the Mediterranean, Aegean, the Sea of Marmara, and the Black Sea. This Anatolian Peninsula is home to varying climates enabling vegetation therefore, many human settlements.  It is among the larger countries in the region in terms of territory with land mass greater than any in Europe with a massive population. 

This modern safe country with a booming economy has cities with glittering facilities, business towers, unparalleled combinations of historical sights and state-of-the-art world-class hotels; an ideal destination for exciting and memorable concepts of incentive programs or lovers of nature and multiculturism.
















783,356 km2




Turkish Lira (TRY)





Turkeys queen land known to be an enchanting city. Istanbul is truly a world city, with an exceptional location built on two continents with a cross-culture of the Eastern & Western, so vibrant that compares with no other; surprisingly traditional, in such a modern city making you admire it spontaneously. The skyline covers monumental minarets with skyscrapers and plazas. This strategic location has been a leading destination that hosts many visitors for years; locals, internationals, corporates or for leisure. A melting pot of many civilizations.

Istanbul is also one of the liveliest metropolises in the world, with over 15 million residents & flocking tourists arriving to experience such a magical city full of contrasts, international events, international films, music, theater festivals, and more than 80 museums as well as many art galleries showcasing all the culture; including painting, sculpture, photography and more making it the 5th most popular destination in the world and the leading hub of tourism, business, economy & real estate.

The beautiful silhouettes of the Istanbul combine sites and monuments from Ottoman palaces, historical artifacts, modern facilities to a paradise for food lovers with its many exotic tastes. This thriving city is ready with a promise of an unforgettable experience with its colorful days, and dynamic nights that awaits you.

Tourist boat floats on the Golden Horn i



In today’s Turkey, Bursa is a leading industrial city with numerous establishments with the most Turkish automotive productions. Very rich in religious monuments, mosques, and tombs ageing back to hundreds of years. It is also the homeland of the very famous Turkish folklore figures, Karagoz and Hacivat shadow puppets. 

Furthermore, with natural hot mineral springs in and around the area, most of accommodations in Bursa provide thermal bath facilities. There is a high density of green environments, and large ski-runs in Uludag (Mount Olympos) famously known as a “snow paradise” which is what identifies today’s Bursa attracting attention since ancient times and has even become the subject of legends; for centuries, many people believed  that the gods and goddesses were watching the battle of Troy or where Hercules searched for Hylas during his kidnapping by nymphs! Also, the mountain was occupied by refugees who wanted to seclude themselves from their daily lives; because of its reputation it was named the Priests’ Mountain during the Ottoman Period.

The title Green Bursa comes from its several gardens and parks with its location being in the center of an important fruit growing region.  Not only does it have agriculture, but Bursa is loaded with attractive traditional architecture that should certainly take some time to add some more delightful experiences to your memories. 

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In the southwest of the major city Kayseri, famous for its unique rock formations and amazing hot air ballooning opportunities lies Cappadocia. Its exotic landscapes are one of Turkeys most popular natural wonders and now a prime tourist destination with plenty of fascinating facts to discover.

The name itself, “Cappadocia” means ‘the land of beautiful horses’ for in ancient times, the region was known for its equestrian offering (Horses) which remain important to the locals who call Cappadocia home. 

Millions of years ago, a series of volcanic eruptions took place that shook the whole Central Anatolian region; the thick ash solidifying into soft rocks, called tuff, eroding with wind and water, shaped and formed what we now know as the Cappadocia Fairies or “Cotton Castles” cutting through 3 provinces - Nevsehir, Keyseri and Nigde. 

There are several underground cities, subterranean settlements that were made possible thanks to the flexibility of the soft rocks, some connected by a network of tunnels, largely used by early Christians. The village of Göreme in Cappadocia serves as the region’s main tourist attraction that encompasses the best-known religious complexes in the area dating back from the 9th to 11th century, even enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. The name of this village was given by the Christians translating to ‘you cannot see here’ as hiding places during the Arab invasion before they became a legitimate religion. 

However, although you can visit, a lot of the land in the area is private property with a small amount of Cappadocian Settlements inhabiting today.  Plus, you may also find concerts usually held in the surrounding caves including week-long festivals which showcase choirs and orchestras. 

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“Kordon”. In short, its time to enjoy life when in Izmir. Located in the west coast with an exquisite Mediterranean Europe tradition, Izmir has been visited by both locals and international tourists for leisure hence its natural beauty and variety of water sports. Likewise, it’s business industry and historical sites that date back to thousands of years. With all its rich history, it continues to tell stories of past empires and eras; almost every street has remnants of the past, whether historical houses, places of worship, or landmarks.

 As being the 3rd largest city in the country it offers many sides of its contemporary culture, not just its ancient roots. Izmir continues to be an important point for tourism and entertainment. The city’s coastline has been well-known & reserved for its fish restaurants along with its bars, discos & nightclubs whereas its surrounding are filled with monuments and ruins which voice highly valued countless ancient civilizations as well as the Balçova Springs. Izmir remains unique because every district within is a must-see sight. 

Izmir is also known to be an international port city, due to its positioning in the western Anatolian coast which explains its perfect summer town, that hardly ever gets cold even in winter months with around 77 days of rain per year, you know how often the sun shines bright over the Aegean… 



Bodrum’s beauty and a mild climate that has drawn in many locals and internationals that the population growth and constructions are dramatically changing day by day. 

 It’s a large adored peninsula offering different lifestyles from the rest of Turkey with many holiday homes and endless summers kicking back on long sandy beaches all year round. One of many districts in Mugla that is also known for its enthusiastic nightlife; as the governor once said, “if you want quiet, go somewhere else.”  

Bodrum reveals interesting evidence that tends to make it more appealing than ever. It's not an exaggeration to say everyone falls in love with this place.

“When you reach the top of the hill, you will see Bodrum. Don’t assume that you will leave as you came. The others before you were the same too. As they departed, they all left their souls behind.”

(Quote by Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, fisherman of Halicarnassus)

It's no surprise that travellers tend to hold a special spot for Bodrum. The city is thriving with a combination of old charms and modern vibrance. There truly is something endearing about the place that makes it a very ideal destination.

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The hub for an ever-expanding resort area, and a smaller vacation getaway. Providing a long stretch of fine sandy crystal-clear with 300 days of sunshine per year! 

Marmaris is also a major centre for yacht tourism and blue voyage. There’s really no doubt that Marmaris has grown in popularity.

Friendly locals, stunning attraction, beaches, seas natural wonders, bays, coves, islands, cheap vacations, Turkish food, shopping & vibrant nightlife. Regardless of what you are looking for, Marmaris has got more than enough unforgettable moments to offer everyone. 

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Just two hours east of Marmaris in the Mugla province you arrive at Fethiye resting on the Mediterranean bay that’s been some of Turkey’s best beaches and yachting areas. Besides the beach, people enjoy the ruins scattered throughout the city, day-long 12-Island yacht cruises and especially in Gemile Island that’s almost fully occupied by unrestored ruins from the Byzantine era.

Known to be referred to as a little Britain, this district remains to be, till this day, a favourite getaway for many British travellers, making it adapt to the English language and British dialect.

If you like travelling to places for fun, Fethiye is a must because of its outstanding nature, even legendary tales describe it as the land of lights; it has everything that would capture your attention.

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Welcome to Ankara, Turkey’s cosmopolitan capital city and its beating heart may be best known as a modern financial centre; an important commercial and industrial city that welcomes visitors all year round, in cold, snowy winters & hot, dry summers. But, beyond the looming, you’ll be able to find the country’s best monuments, citadels with creaky Ottoman charms.


Home to great civilizations with a history dating back to the stone age and importance in the present day. Waiting to be discovered, Ankara is surrounded by vegetation and is famous for its grapes, honey, and many historical, archaeological and cultural assets.

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A city branded by its cuisine. Leaving you with the most unforgettable gastronomy tours!

Hatay has the capability to enrich your experiences of culture fed by many civilizations throughout history. It is home to an inexhaustible treasure houses of history and a centre of civilization.

Because of its location in most southern edge, you’re bound to discover one of the most beautiful cities with mild climate during spring and autumn.

Still, in case you prefer swimming and relaxing, it is also a great destination to choose from during the summer season.

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Located in the Aegean region, give yourself a treat and have your senses spoilt in this city where unique choices of possibilities await you, this city offers a huge variety of natural beauties; Pamukkale Travertines, spring waters, and ancient cities. 

Go beyond your expectations in refreshing your body.

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While history enthusiasts can appreciate discovering the ruins of prehistoric cities, nature-lovers can find restfulness breathing the cool & clean air in the Taurus Mountains.

One of the rare cities that maintained its importance throughout history, occupying a strategic location for both military and trading routes.

Adana, till this day, remains special with its unique properties and warm climate. You are certain to find arts, cuisines, landscapes and great lifestyles here hence the eighteen civilizations that are easily traced back to have once ruled the city, each of them leaving their imprints as if trying to make their own dominion eternal around the region.

There are more than ten significant ancient settlements in the province that imply & demonstrate the historical and cultural wealth to which modern Adana is heir.



Located in the south of Çeşme Peninsula in Izmir, Alaçatı has become one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations. When approaching, the first eye-catcher for the visitors is the windmills that embrace the sky, some of which have been here for more than a century pointing out the good relations between Alaçatı and the wind.

 With a sea view available, many colourful windsurf boards swaying in the water welcome you. Stuffed with festivals, and now, the rising star of tourism. If you’re lucky enough to come across festivals, especially the Kite Festival, you’ll be able to witness a visual feast of hundreds of kites flying and dominating its windy sky’s. 

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Said to be the capital of the southeast, on the historical Silk Road, offering details to every metropole. Business till this day remains to be very live since the Ottoman area. One of the largest fair centres of Turkey. Very interesting, full of experiences and entertainment opportunities within its very traditional appearances. 

Original builders of Gaziantep Fortress are not known but, there is many historical fullness, even the world’s largest mosaic museum with its 30-thousand-meter square area. Besides the culture, this province has been well-known for its delicious cuisine, said to involve 500 different dishes originated from the region, including the cooking of seasonal vegetable and fruits; even kitchen museums and culinary art centres are found to enhance your observation and enjoy the unique cuisines present.

Although Gaziantep is a traditional city, the industrial and commercial parts are strong as its culture which enriches travel making it a valuable and convenient destination for both leisure and incentive travellers.

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Located on the Mediterranean parallel to the sea, with pleasant odours of oranges, lies Antalya; a destination with various attractions and a little bit of every season allowing you to swim and ski at the very same time constituting a perfect harmony! Famous for its captivating themed parks welcoming people of all ages for rock climbing, hiking, rafting, tours and such wonderful waterfalls. Antalya offers astonishing natural beauties and historical remains from the Taurus mountains that run approximately 560 kilometres to the clock tower in Kalekapisi Square & remains from the Paleolithic to the Ottoman times.  

This city offers unlimited accommodations overlooking the magnificent views of the Mediterranean’s prize-winning marina with its shady palm-lined boulevards from treehouses, bungalows and luxurious hotels it has become one of the world’s best-loved tourist destination. In terms of MICE, a wide variety of event facilities can be found in all their forms and sizes hence its series of events occurrences. 

Rich in history, by the coast, with various accommodation this city remains active all year round with importance towards the tourism & MICE sectors.

“In 1st century BC the Pergamum king Attalus ordered his men to find the most beautiful piece of land on earth; he wanted them to find "heaven on earth". After a long search all over the world, they discovered this land and said, "This must be 'Heaven' " and King Attalus founded the city giving it the name "Attaleia". 



Trabzon is one of the largest and the most major & most important city in the Eastern Black Sea Region due to its historical remnants, gorgeous landscapes and its big harbour for international shipping. Being a hub of cultural and natural riches because of its location on the Silk Road, meant that it was the meeting point of many cultures & religion for centuries leaving behind dotted remnants of its rich past; as for its rainy climate even in summer, it has many forests & mountains stuffed with many picturesque rivers & highlands that’s yet to be discovered by visitors. Besides natural wonders, Trabzon dazzles its guests also with a significant charm of cuisines found nowhere else in the world.

Coming from the Greek name “Traoezous”; meaning a flat hilltop in an old city surrounded by medieval walls, some say the name Trabzon means “The place which possesses something”.

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